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Who We Are

Our MissionLaunched in 2014, the Campaign for Fair Education Funding is a coalition of organizations from across Pennsylvania: teachers and school administrators; representatives of charter schools and traditional public schools; urban and rural interests; business and organized labor; faith-based groups; and community groups.

Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure that Pennsylvania adopts and maintains an adequate and equitable system of funding public education. Every public school must have the resources necessary to enable every child to meet state academic standards, be prepared for post-secondary success, and become productive, knowledgeable, and engaged adults. Educating our children is a collective imperative that has positive social and economic benefits for the Commonwealth and its communities.

Campaign Principles

Accuracy is important

The system must be based on real costs necessary to meet state academic standards and must use accurate, reliable, verifiable, and current school and community data that addresses factors including poverty, English proficiency, school enrollment, and other objective measures that impact those costs.

Students and schools need stability

The system must be transparent, sustainable, equitable, and long-range — and supported with sufficient, stable, and broad-based resources. A basic education funding system is the foundation for educating all children, including children with special needs who will require additional resources through the special education allocation.

Responsibility is shared

The system must operate based on shared fiscal responsibility among the local community, the state, individuals, and commercial taxpayers, recognizing the differing levels of local funding available and the relationship between adequate financial support and student outcomes.

Accountability is required

The system must include strong accountability standards to ensure that schools invest efficiently and effectively to boost student achievement and help ensure post-secondary success. These standards also should allow and/or encourage schools to pursue and sustain operational cost-saving and cost-sharing options that are consistent with ongoing efforts to foster student achievement and success.